Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

santa came early christmas morning, bringing presents to celebrate jesus' birthday. malia woke up first and was trying to wake micah up because we have a rule in our house that the kids have to go down together to see what santa brought. malia liked her unicorn pillow pet the best. and of course, micah liked his recycle truck the most. we exchanged gifts with each other after that. the kids gave me some cute mickey earrings that they wrapped all by themselves. micah gave malia crocs and malia gave micah a snuggie. daddy got coke pj pants. we gave the kids some wii games we could play as a family.

then it was off to grandma & grandpa's house. micah got a huge blue garbage truck from his ninong ray and tossed all his other gifts aside. the kids did karaoke (jingle bell rock & feliz navidad) and grandpa gave them money.

the following day, m&m exchanged gifts with their cousins. micah got the toy story garbage truck. so he is just on cloud nine with all of his garbage/recycle trucks. i think he has 10 total now.

i was really proud of malia this year. she didn't keep asking for more presents. and it was a lot of fun with all of her new questions about santa. my favorite one was, "how come santa only eats junk food when he visits people's houses?" maybe next year we'll give santa an apple.