Thursday, September 20, 2012

the boss

micah: daddy, are you the boss?
roel: no, mama is the boss.
micah: i think you should be the boss.
roel: why?
micah: because you get madder at me.

roel was laughing when he told me about that conversation with micah. the label of 'the boss' in our family came up when malia was being bossy with some of her friends. we were trying to teach her that it wasn't polite to be bossy. we were trying to explain to her that she was not in charge, therefore not the boss of everyone, hence the word 'bossy.' somehow the conversation turned, and the idea of who is in charge of our family became the question. who is the boss? we told the kids that the parents are always in charge of their kids. of course, they always have their own opinions.

sometimes when malia is telling micah what to do, micah will turn to her and say, "your not the boss!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

get yer pirate booty (donuts)

got an email that krispy kreme was giving out free donuts to those dressed like pirates. since we had some pirate gear and the kids love krispy kreme, thought it would be fun to have them participate.

they each received a half dozen glazed donuts for free. we love the word free.

happy kids loading up with sugar

honor roll

i don't expect malia to get on the honor roll all the time. roel does because he knows she's capable of it. i know she's capable of anything, but school is so different now. too much homework, too much testing.

but she likes it. she loves school, loves her teacher, loves to read. she just finished a 500+ page book and really enjoyed it.

so yes, she got honor roll this morning for this quarter. just like she's been doing every quarter since the 2nd grade. so proud of her, especially because she is proud of her own accomplishment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

let the holidays begin

went to vons after CCD and all the pumpkins were out. m&m love the little ones. so right when they saw it both of them kept asking,"can we buy a pumpkin, please mom?"

it took micah 5 seconds to choose his. and it took malia, what seemed like 5 minutes, to choose hers.

and suddenly it hit me. that overwhelming feeling that the holidays are pretty much here. i have to focus and plan ahead, to avoid being the usual panicked procrastinator. love the pumpkin pics though :).

Sunday, September 16, 2012


i don't know if i've blogged about pho before. we love pho!

went to eat at our favorite pho place by southwestern college after picking up roel from the charger game. good pho and great smoothies at this place.

malia likes to get her pho with fish balls & fish cakes. she's the only one who will eat that.

micah gets tofu. and look at him using chopsticks for the first time! he ate the whole bowl with chopsticks.

i usually share with micah. and roel gets some kind of meat of course. this time we tried a blueberry shake. yummy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day

doesn't matter what holiday it is, it equals a celebration of some sort to malia. i told her labor meant work, and since they gave us the day off, it meant that we were supposed to work at home, which was another way of saying to clean. i said it all with a smile on my face. she just had the biggest look of disappointment on her face.

roel laughed and then told her and micah to clean up their room and then we would go to seaport village for lunch. she rejoiced!

it was pretty crowded at seaport. luckily we have a small car and were able to fit in a small spot right when we got there.

took a stroll, then got some wetzel's pretzels, and sat on a bench in front of the ducks.

this is them "sharing" a lemonade. micah didn't want lia to drink at the same time. so if you look closer, you can tell he's giving her some angry eyes. of course here's me, laughing and taking a picture.

they are getting along in this one. micah is quacking at the ducks. i always love the pictures from behind.

after this they wanted to tumble in the grass area and watch the kites, then we headed home for more "labor."