Wednesday, July 30, 2008


happy 10 months to micah today! my little man can crawl, stand, dance, say dada/mom/ball, cruise, shake his head 'no', "sing", wave, and today...he clapped! of course i'd like to take the credit for teaching him to clap. it's hard to see him grow up, but it's amazing to watch him learn new things. it's also sad because i know these are my last 'firsts' since i probably won't have any more kids. so i don't want to miss any of it! my heavy, happy boy. i wonder what he'll do next.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


the number 21 means lots of things to people. for us right now, it means micah's weight. he had his 9 month check-up today and he is a whopping 21 pounds. big sister is only 27 pounds! people are always asking us, how did he get so big? we are asking ourselves the same question! he is quite tall for his age though, 29 inches, whereas petite malia is about 37 inches. so we're hoping he surpasses all our heights. but he is happy, he is healthy, he is showered with love. so maybe he is just bursting with all of that!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i want mama

that's what malia's been saying a lot lately. we knew that when the baby came, it would be different for her, sharing the spotlight. so far she's done great, and understands most of the time. she's a smart girl. but it's when there's a change in the normal routine that she turns from girl to diva. she's still tons of fun, but turn your back for a second and she's a completely different malia. so there's been a lot of whining and tears, some demanding, and some sulking. motherhood is a continuous learning experience, so i've had to try to view life from her perspective. and it's helped, especially with my patience. i know it's a phase, it won't last forever. so it's weird to say that i'm almost grateful she wants to spend so much time with me, even though it's coupled with the attitude. and i've come to realize i feel the same way, i want my mama too.

Friday, July 4, 2008

shamu on the 4th

took the kids to sea world today. didn't have plans for the 4th until i found out my good friend/old roommate would be in town and going there with her family. malia was thrilled to see shamu again and it was micah's first visit. we also had the chance to take our new sit and stand stroller for a test drive. of course it was very crowded and hot, but we had a good time. it's so nice to meet up with old friends and just pick up where you left off. (picture above: m&m with new friend riley)