Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i want mama

that's what malia's been saying a lot lately. we knew that when the baby came, it would be different for her, sharing the spotlight. so far she's done great, and understands most of the time. she's a smart girl. but it's when there's a change in the normal routine that she turns from girl to diva. she's still tons of fun, but turn your back for a second and she's a completely different malia. so there's been a lot of whining and tears, some demanding, and some sulking. motherhood is a continuous learning experience, so i've had to try to view life from her perspective. and it's helped, especially with my patience. i know it's a phase, it won't last forever. so it's weird to say that i'm almost grateful she wants to spend so much time with me, even though it's coupled with the attitude. and i've come to realize i feel the same way, i want my mama too.