Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy 1st birthday micah

micah is 1 today!!! he woke up in a good mood and i was able to greet him before he left for daycare. he had a celebration there. ms beverly is so sweet. she made him banana muffins (which he didn't eat) and a card that had his friends' thumbprints on it.

when i picked him up, we headed to grandma's house so daddy could meet us there before his class. i bought micah superman cupcakes, and again he didn't want to eat his cake, didn't even want to touch it. but he is feeling a lot better and is all over the house again. happy birthday boy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

not doctor friendly

poor micah is sick, and it's the day before his birthday. took him to the doctor this morning. the minute the doctor touched him, he was crying, yelling, and even screaming. i tried distracting him, but it didn't work. as soon as the doctor gave him back to me, he was fine. this is the same doctor malia has, doctor garcia. malia loves him, and he adores her. we went to pick up his antibiotics afterward. and unlike malia, micah will take his medicine like it's candy. according to doctor garcia, it appears that we'll be having nebulizer parties every night with both kids every fall/winter. micah has a checkup again in 3 weeks, we'll see if he's doctor friendly by then.

Friday, September 26, 2008

new cousin

m&m's new cousin, joelle, was born today! it's exciting for malia since she will now have someone to play tea party and dress up with. although m&m can't see her just yet because of all the germies going around this season, they are looking forward to meeting her. meanwhile, we have welcomed new big brother jonah into our house to take care of him until his sister goes home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tough tuesdays

this semester, daddy's school schedule is tuesdays until 10 and thursdays until 7. so on tuesdays we only see him for a brief moment in the morning. so that leaves me with one cranky girl and one mama's boy on tuesday nights. so far 2 out of 3 tuesdays have been exhausting. today especially, malia threw a big fit, complete with yelling and stomping her feet. after a long time out, she was able to tell me that she was mad, but knew that what she did during her fit was wrong. micah was just looking at her, hopefully he was taking notes on what not to do. but he is everywhere now. Hi-5 won't even keep him completely still anymore. amazingly, i got them both in bed by 8 tonight. which reminds me, i need to catch up on my Jon & Kate plus 8. that show really puts me in my place. it could be worse, at least i only have 2 kids. well, hopefully next tuesday will be a good one.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

micah's 1st party

micah's 1st birthday party was today at Harvest Park. we haven't done a big party in a while so it was a challenge, but we had a lot of help from family and friends. the theme was baby einstein since the characters always make him smile. anyways, the party was fun, micah had a blast. he was walked everywhere, he got to ride in someone's buggy, and he grabbed his cake but didn't eat it. i don't want my baby boy to grow up!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


in our house, it doesn't mean cool or awesome. it means Reactive Airway Disease. unfortunately both m&m have it. it's like asthma, but not as severe thank God, and it typically acts up from september to february. when i picked up malia from school this afternoon, she told me she didn't feel good. then when we picked up micah, beverly told me he had a cough attack this morning but was fine afterward and the whole afternoon. so this means RAD has officially started again, time to bust out the nebulizer and the albuterol. it's sad that kids have to go through this. there's definitely nothing 'rad' about it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KINDer in KINder

malia was ecstatic to start kindergarten today. of course it makes me sad to see how fast she's grown up. but it's my last year to pay tuition, so i'm excited too! when i brought her to school, she immediately went to hug her teachers. she greeted her friends. malia is very sweet & friendly. she's the girl who will ask you if you want to play. she will hug you if you're sad. she will hold your hand and walk with you if you let her. she is quick to point out wrongful behavior such as hitting and kicking. BUT she can be bossy and sometimes mean. traits all girls possess i believe, but not until they start liking boys ;) ? so anyways, her school does emphasize respect and we've had multiple talks about not being bossy this summer, so hopefully she'll climb a notch on her level of maturity this year, hopefully she'll understand what it means to be kind and polite.