Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KINDer in KINder

malia was ecstatic to start kindergarten today. of course it makes me sad to see how fast she's grown up. but it's my last year to pay tuition, so i'm excited too! when i brought her to school, she immediately went to hug her teachers. she greeted her friends. malia is very sweet & friendly. she's the girl who will ask you if you want to play. she will hug you if you're sad. she will hold your hand and walk with you if you let her. she is quick to point out wrongful behavior such as hitting and kicking. BUT she can be bossy and sometimes mean. traits all girls possess i believe, but not until they start liking boys ;) ? so anyways, her school does emphasize respect and we've had multiple talks about not being bossy this summer, so hopefully she'll climb a notch on her level of maturity this year, hopefully she'll understand what it means to be kind and polite.