Sunday, December 4, 2011

snow days at legoland

we were lucky enough to get free tickets to legoland again. and they were hopper tickets!

it was a cool visit because we went in a big group with the adventos, olegarios, ninang hannah, and ninong arnold. of course we don't have any kind of group picture though.

first we went to sealife aquarium. it was still decked out with christmas decor, with trees and ornaments in the aquariums.

always love miniland usa, now with star wars.

micah found a garbage truck!

it was the kids' first "snow" experience. it was pretty cool. they both did the sleds once, but micah wanted to throw snowballs and malia was determined to make a snowman.
we split up for a while. malia went to ride the big roller coaster with some of the adults. micah and i went to the playground and rode the train. he made it a point to sit on this green motorcycle, which he really loved the last time we went.

we all met up to ride one last ride together before we left.

so much fun! roel wants to get an annual pass there since we aren't renewing our disneyland pass for a while. i'll have to think about it.