Monday, June 29, 2009

free & fun at the fair

i took a furlough day today and we headed to the fair, it was free today for state employees. so that helped because food is ridiculously expensive. but it's the fair, it's expected. roel had deep fried steak strips. the kids and i just had spaghetti and chicken strips w/fries since they are picky. in the exhibit hall, roel & i got our favorite food at the fair, mini donuts! yum!

the carousel is always on the top of the list

malia was set on riding the skyride

micah just wanted to run run run

Friday, June 26, 2009

micah jackson

anyone who's close to us knows that one of micah's nicknames is 'micah jackson'. no particular reason. i just said it one day and it stuck. i grew up listening to michael jackson. my sister, my friend steph and i would watch him on MTV, copy his dances, and put on one glove just like him. so it was a sad when i heard the news yesterday about him dying. he was a part of everyone's life in one way or another. for me, he brings back childhood memories. all of the radio stations are constantly playing his music. every single one is a hit. micah often turns on our radio on our alarm clock. so when he turned it on this afternoon, sure enough it was a michael jackson song. 'beat it' to be exact. micah jackson and i started dancing. he knows good music when he hears it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

monday monday

who really likes mondays? not me, because it's back to work and back to missing the kids while i'm at work. but today was a pretty good monday. malia was with her ninong jojeann, so i only had to pick up micah. even though i missed lia, i got in some mommy & me time with micah, which malia has had a lot of since she is the firstborn. we got home and shared a pineapple, walked down the street to get the mail, then ate some cereal together. it's nice because we really can have a conversation together since he speaks in short sentences now. after roel came home, we headed to la bella's restaurant in chula vista to celebrate ninong/uncle ray-ray's birthday. malia came with ninong jojeann & ninang lori. she was excited to tell us she had gone to the beach today. i'm glad she's enjoying her vacation. after some video games and a good meal, we headed home. and monday is over.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

daddy's day

father's day was pretty laid back, just like daddy. they woke him up and gave their cards that were made at school/daycare. then after some playtime, it was off to church. and that's where daddy said he got the best father's day present because they both behaved during mass. micah fell asleep without a fuss and malia stayed in her spot. we had lunch at home and then it was off to roel's parents' house. all of m&m's uncles were there, so they were happy running around with them. after that we headed back home and the adventos came over for some more fun.

m&m with uncle ian, uncle markie & uncle andre

and with ninong joey, papa vic & daddy

Friday, June 12, 2009

kinder grad

malia graduated from kindergarten today! it was a wonderful ceremony, we really enjoyed watching her. we are so proud of her! the school really went all out. the class sang a bunch of songs including "proud to be an american", "the star spangled banner", "it's a small world" and "we're all in this together." who would've thought it was possible to cry to a HSM song? well, i did. of course micah got a little fidgety when it was time for the teachers and grad committee to speak. you'll see in the pictures that he was walking down the hallway and just about everywhere else. but he was happy to give his sister a hug when it was over. malia got a medal because she had been at her school for 3 years. that was her favorite part of the entire thing.

some pics from the ceremony-

a clip from the HSM number-

and a clip from the exit number-

i'm very thankful she attended a school that fit her personality so well! she was almost in tears when we got home because she finally realized she really wasn't going back to school there. i think we were too busy making sure she was excited to start 1st grade at a new school. i reminded her that her teachers had told her to come back and visit, and then she was fine.

Friday, June 5, 2009

malia will be graduating from kinder a week from today. when i picked her up today they gave me her cap and gown, i could've cried, but i didn't for once. it's come so fast. she's so excited for graduation. i had heard from another montessori mom that the school goes all out for the graduation, so i'm really looking forward to it. HSM "we're all in this together" is one of the songs they'll be singing. they even have a routine. so OA, it's so her.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

night terrors or nightmares?

whatever it is, it has started and it's not fun. i remember these with malia - sudden crying and screaming in the middle of the night, she was inconsolable. at least micah is a little more consolable, so they might just be nightmares. poor guy. at least malia sleeps like a log now so the crying and screaming doesn't bother her.