Saturday, January 29, 2011

let's go fly a kite

went to seaport village today because micah said it was a good day to fly a kite. it actually wasn't too windy, but it was windy enough for our kite from the dollar store to stay up for quite a while.

malia ended up flying the kite while micah played with a toy gun that shot planes into the air, also from the dollar store. micah flew the kite for maybe two minutes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

honor roll & gelato

i left work early to make it to malia's award assembly at school yesterday. they didn't tell us what award she would be getting. it turned out that she got on the honor roll again. very proud of her and hope she keeps it up because she looked very proud of herself as well.

afterwards, she wanted to eat gelato at the mall. only she and i share this love for gelato, roel and micah would pick something else. so it was our her reward for getting on the honor roll. she looks old in this picture, must be the angle on my phone. i saw it and told her not to grow up.

Friday, January 21, 2011

sometimes kids just have the best solutions for little things.

me: i'll be right back, i have to take my medicine.

micah: why, are you sick?

me: no, it's for my blood pressure.

micah: where is your blood?

me: it's inside my body. everyone has blood in their body. it gets pumped by your heart and keeps you alive.

micah: do i have to take medicine?

me: no, you have good blood pressure. mama's blood pressure is not so good.

micah: (smiles) you can use mine.

oh how i wish it were that easy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this is my boy

this is my boy sleeping in his bed, with his eyes a little open (like i do), in his favorite snowflake jammies, with his baby mickey sheets, his star wars pillow, cars blanket (on the side), and of course his garbage truck. nice.

Monday, January 17, 2011

biking at the park

went to the park today so the kids could ride their bikes. it was micah's first time outside on his new bike from santa. it was 80 degrees today, the little boy's cheeks were pink all day.

when we got home, malia insisted we make cupcakes in honor or martin luther king jr's birthday. no argument from me, i was happy to do it. and eat some too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

credible-in john's

that's what micah called john's incredible pizza at first. we went because malia earned a voucher for a free child's buffet. she earned it in class for good behavior. lol, was there a sub that day? anyways, i kinda like that they show cartoons while we are eating so it allows parents to actually eat. at least malia eats a lot now. micah ate half a breadstick, two bites of his pizza and frozen yogurt with sprinkles. we went early so it wasn't crowded at all in the arcade.

you can tell by her hair that she just got off the bumper cars
we'll be going back to credible-in john's when she earns another free buffet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

our disneycation

on malia's last week of vacation, we had originally planned to go to vegas, but we decided to go to disneyland instead (jan 3-5). we stayed for 3 days, and we've never done that before. so it was nice to take our time. we got lucky that they had extended the holiday festivities for one more day.

we got to watch the christmas fantasy parade twice and up close, we saw small world light up, and micah was able to stay awake for the fireworks. of course i was crying during the fireworks. watching the fireworks with the family at disneyland and hearing our wedding song (remember the magic), what more could i ask for? disney is so magical!

on our second day, we went to krispy kreme for breakfast so the kids could see how the donuts are made (since they don't make them fresh in eastlake).
when we got to the park, we spent a lot of time in toontown. but our mission for the day was to be early for the jedi training academy. every time we usually go, we're always late for it. i even dressed them in their star wars shirts. so it turned out to be the highlight of our trip because both m&m were picked to be padawans. it was awesome!!! and both of them were picked to duel darth vader. it was micah's dream come true! malia was chosen to do the force push on the stormtroopers.

on our last day, we spent the morning in california adventure before we headed home. it was not crowded at all. we walked in to playhouse disney live and the monsters inc ride. we also saw a bunch of characters.

i could have stayed the whole week. but the kids were missing their beds and their toys, it was nice to go home.