Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lia's note to micah

i'm glad she showed her frustration in writing instead of yelling or pushing this time. they were fighting and she ran upstairs. after maybe 5 minutes when i went to get her, i found the note on the stairs. roel read it to micah because i wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face and give the lesson if i read it to him.

if you need translation:
dear micah, sometimes i get upset when you start to battle me when you're playing too rough, not sharing with me and not being nice. love ate' malia

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

micah's goodnight

micah: goo-night ma-mom, i love you

me: goodnight micah, i love you

micah: goo-night ate', i love you

malia: goodnight micah, i love you

micah: goo-night daddy, i love you

roel: goodnight boboy, i love you

micah: goo-night garbage truck, i love you

Friday, June 25, 2010

sd fair

malia has been really looking forward to going to the fair this year since she got a certificate from school that entitled her to a free ticket if she read 10 books. all she had to do was hold it up at the ticket line to get in free. she could have still passed for a 5 year old and got in for free anyway. and the fair was still doing the 'free on furlough friday for state workers' promotion, so we were all free. at least micah is taller now so he got to enjoy the rides with his sister.

"is it gonna dump me ma-mom?" (i think he wanted it to.)

malia's reaction when we walked into the hall with the animals.
but we had to go and see the cow so micah could sing his old macdonald song. i didn't post pictures with the cow because micah kept lifting up his shirt.

ooh, motorcycles. he's so happy.

this was cool. bumper boats for little ones.
it was funny because they were too excited, they forgot to steer.
so they kept going in circles.

great idea. they make themselves go. but my girl barely has muscles.
no pics of micah on this ride because he had a total fit when he couldn't get the blue one. the workers were nice enough to get it for him, and then he was happy.

our favorite every year, mini donuts. located in bing crosby hall.
this munchkin licks off the sugar first.
i think i'll need to start a fair fund for next year. $4 for one corn? it was good though.

what we did on father's day

i've been sidetracked because malia is on vacation.

on father's day, we took roel to watch toy story 3 first thing in the morning, so we avoided the crowd. we didn't watch it in 3D for micah's sake. it was tough enough having him sit through the whole thing. the only thing that kept him seated was me telling him that the garbage truck was coming back. and yes, i cried during the movie. a couple of times actually.
after that it was off to the mislan household for some good food. and then dessert with my dad and the adventos at golden spoon. the kids got to feed the koi fish. that was their favorite part.

Friday, June 18, 2010

malia on her bike

just got back from rohr park with malia. they have a 3 mile trail for joggers/walkers/bikers that goes around the park and golf course. so malia rides her bike and i jog or walk depending on how fast she goes. after 30 minutes, she was tired. and that's about all i could take too. thank goodness we don't do the whole thing. instead, we go so far and turn back. my legs are SO mad at me!
we're going to try to do this more often now that the weather is warmer. today was our 2nd time. let's see how long it lasts. (btw, that's the bike i got on craigslist for $15. pretty sweet, huh?)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

no more earthquakes please

when the earthquake hit last night, we were all holding each other in the bed. it was the first time micah really felt an earthquake. the last couple of times he was running or playing. but this time he was in bed ready to go to sleep. when the earthquake stopped, his eyes were big and he asked me,"what was that ma-mom?" "the pictures are shaking," he said. i told him that it was an earthquake and we were okay. then malia starts talking non-stop about earthquakes and asking a bunch of questions. then tells micah it was scary. ay, malia joy. micah went to sleep when i kept reassuring him that we were okay and held him. and malia stopped talking, after a while. i woke up at 2am when i heard micah crying. he was having a nightmare. he was calling my name, and then he said, "earthquake." poor guy. i hope he has forgotten about the earthquake already. and i hope we don't have any more.

Monday, June 14, 2010

happy baptism birthday micah

it's also my dad's birthday, so happy birthday to him too! i picked up micah from school and he had red lips and teeth from a popsicle he ate. they celebrated flag day. we went to the mall to pick up food and he rode one of the cars. he was happy about that because i don't usually have quarters when we go there. after that, we went to the bakery to get a small cake and the garbage truck was there. so of course, he loved that. jos and family came over to celebrate.

grandpa with the grandkids

Sunday, June 13, 2010

no people aloud

yesterday, after we came home from a birthday party, malia wanted to go to the park to ride her bike. i told her that i needed to change first if she wanted to go and to play quietly downstairs or in her room because micah was sleeping. she went outside in the backyard to ride her bike. i told her to come inside because i needed to go upstairs to change and no one would be watching her. she said she didn't want to come inside and continued to ride her bike. i told her that we didn't have to go to the park if she was just riding her bike in the backyard. she whined that she still wanted to go. ugh, the aggravation! i got mad at her for not listening and sent her to her room. so she came in, gave me a look, stormed into her room and closed the door. (wow, the teen years are going to be fun!)

after maybe 5 minutes, i heard the door open and close again. so i went over there and saw these notes, one on the door and one on the floor.
i love the no people "aloud." wrong word to use, but she spelled it right.

when she finally came out, she said sorry and changed her attitude. we had a good time at the park and went grocery shopping afterwards. goodness...girls!

Monday, June 7, 2010

my talent show girl

(finally got these up, not the HD videos though, but it'll do.)

malia performed in her school talent show last thursday. she sang 'almost there' from disney's princess and the frog. i know she's not shy, but she did get a little nervous in the beginning. maybe because there were kids literally right in front of her. i was the one with the butterflies in my stomach and my heart was racing. i could never be one of those stage moms who do the whole performance on the sidelines.

this performance took place before malia's turn. it made me smile, you'll see why.

the teacher band, 'think positive', performed too. apparently the entire school has bieber fever.


i had mentioned before that i thought girls were born with knowing how to have attitude. so now i think boys are born with the trait of being obsessed with things. micah's top 3 obsessions right now are star wars, garbage trucks, and cows.

well, it's hard not to be obsessed with star wars because who isn't? but micah will turn the simplest things, like a push pop or a pastry, into a lightsaber. then we'll role play. one of us is usually "darf vader" and he'll try to whack me. i always have to remind him to be gentle because he can really hit hard. malia is always the one who ends up crying if they are having a duel.

the garbage truck obsession is a little odd. he likes cars and construction vehicles, but really gets excited about garbage trucks. he says he likes them because,"they dump." nice. almost every day we hear,"i wanna watch garbage trucks on the computer." so there he is, watching garbage trucks and toy garbage trucks on youtube, with his toy garbage truck in front of him. it's a relief for me that he knows how to use the mouse now, i no longer have to sit and watch the exciting garbage trucks. and of course he throws a fit when i tell him he's had enough time on the computer.

he loves the old macdonald had a farm song, so the cow obsession is not so off the wall. he still watches the baby einstein 'animals on the farm' dvd, but refers to it as "the cow movie." one day, when he was home sick, he must have watched it 4 times in a row, then i had to tell him that was enough. he still watches the cow movie sometimes but has moved on to cow videos on youtube. this one cracks him up. he could watch it over and over. it's sad that he always wants to buy the milk with the cow on it, but we can't because he's allergic to it.

my silly boy. hopefully his obsessions will lead to something great in the future.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

mean kids

that's the downside of school. there are mean kids. these are the kids that teach your kids how to tease and insult other kids. of course, tv has some influence, but if it's being done at school they think it's okay to do.

malia is singing in her talent show this morning and told me that a boy in her class kept telling her that she's not the best singer. it's a good thing that she has enough confidence in herself to not let that bring her down.

mean kids. i spend a lot of time teaching my kids not to be them, yet i was probably one of them and now it's coming back to haunt me. yikes! i'm sorry :(