Friday, June 25, 2010

sd fair

malia has been really looking forward to going to the fair this year since she got a certificate from school that entitled her to a free ticket if she read 10 books. all she had to do was hold it up at the ticket line to get in free. she could have still passed for a 5 year old and got in for free anyway. and the fair was still doing the 'free on furlough friday for state workers' promotion, so we were all free. at least micah is taller now so he got to enjoy the rides with his sister.

"is it gonna dump me ma-mom?" (i think he wanted it to.)

malia's reaction when we walked into the hall with the animals.
but we had to go and see the cow so micah could sing his old macdonald song. i didn't post pictures with the cow because micah kept lifting up his shirt.

ooh, motorcycles. he's so happy.

this was cool. bumper boats for little ones.
it was funny because they were too excited, they forgot to steer.
so they kept going in circles.

great idea. they make themselves go. but my girl barely has muscles.
no pics of micah on this ride because he had a total fit when he couldn't get the blue one. the workers were nice enough to get it for him, and then he was happy.

our favorite every year, mini donuts. located in bing crosby hall.
this munchkin licks off the sugar first.
i think i'll need to start a fair fund for next year. $4 for one corn? it was good though.