Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

you belong in the zoo

happy half birthday micah! he turned 18 months old today. our day started off with getting malia ready for picture day at school. she's always excited to wear a dress to school. and on top of that we curled her hair. she felt like a princess. after school and day care, i took the kids to the zoo. we had some passes we got for free last year. i meant to sell them on craigslist, but of course at the last minute before they were going to expire, decided to use them. we were only there for a couple of hours, which was more than enough time since it was just me and the 2 kids. jos and jonah met us there. all malia cared about was seeing the snakes, i don't know why. micah was interested in some of the animals, including the giraffe and elephant, but if there was ever a duck nearby the duck got all his attention. malia even begged me to buy her a toy snake in the store, but i managed to convince her we could find it elsewhere for less. besides, the ones they sold didn't even say the zoo on it. then they each took a turn having a fit in the store. my little monkeys!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

thin mint monster

i have a terrible weakness for girl scout thin mints. i'm ashamed to admit that i can finish a whole box in one day. but now someone shares my weakness, it's micah. of course it's not the skinny girl, she spit it out. so at least now it won't be just me eating the whole box. he gets so messy eating them. it's funny, until he wipes his hands on my shirt. good thing the boxes are smaller this year, but our last box is almost finished.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$2 tooth fairy

malia lost her 1st tooth yesterday, one of the bottom ones. she woke up and told daddy her tooth felt loose. and out it came at school during snack time. we were a little concerned that it was early for her tooth to come out, but we were assured by dr garcia that it was normal. she was so excited to show me her tiny tooth in a baggie when i picked her up. she's the only one in her class with a missing tooth. her teachers told her that the tooth fairy would come and give her money for her tooth. so i asked malia how much the tooth fairy gives. she said the tooth fairy gives $2. too funny! then she told daddy she would buy him some coke with the money she would be getting. the tooth fairy ended up giving her $5 and she was extremely happy to tell me all about it when i picked her up today. and with the help of grandma, she decided on saving her money.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

winter be gone

whenever the kids get sick i can't help but feel like i've failed as a mother, even though i can't change the weather or prevent germs from entering their bodies. m&m don't just get the usual common cold since they have RAD, they usually require multiple nebulizer treatments and antibiotics. 

malia has been pretty sick this past week, she's had a fever of 102 on and off for the past 4 days. it's not as bad as when she had pneumonia, but it's pretty close. and it's such a struggle to get her to take her meds. she cries, hides, and can even make herself throw it up if i don't give her a lecture first. so far, no fever. such a relief because i was thinking of taking her to the ER if she wasn't better by this afternoon. she's still coughing like crazy, but at least she got up to dance for a little bit. always a good sign. BUT, now daddy and micah have joined the coughing club. micah even placed himself onto malia's designated sick couch. oh, when will spring be here?