Monday, July 30, 2012

let the homework begin

it was initially a bit hard to get the kids into the homework groove. malia kept wanting to do micah's homework. i might have to put up partitions next time. (i remember those from my elementary school days.) but i can foresee problems with partitions too, like tapping or pushing. but we got through the first day of homework. of course i gave part of Micah's homework to roel, which was practicing to tie shoelaces. homework is great.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

first day of kinder & 4th grade

micah has been waiting for this day for so long. not for kinder, but going to the same school as malia. and with daddy.

they were both excited this morning to get dressed and go to school. uniforms, i love them. malia will finally need a new jumper next year. she is still wearing the same jumper from 1st grade, it's size 5. micah is sporting his $2 shirt.

i surprised malia with a new monster high backpack and micah with a new avenger's lunchbox. malia's still using her princess lunchbox and micah's using a $3 buzz backpack i bought last year.
yes, that's how we do it - cheap and not matching.

micah's teacher's name is Ms Salmon. it's funny because he just started eating salmon this month. malia has Ms Hernandez. roel says she's good but strict. that will be good for her.

it was minimum day, micah got out first. so cute with his monkey hat! 

this is what he said about his first day:

then we went to get malia.

she didn't have much to say about her first day. i found out later that she already got in trouble for being too chatty in class. so that's probably why she didn't have any comments.

first school day excitement is over, now to get back into routine. it's going to get more strict around here with both kids now in elementary. mostly because i am already dreading homework.

Friday, July 20, 2012

the encyclopedia

if anyone ever needed someone to talk to, i'm sure malia would be happy to volunteer to be their partner.

it was a 20 minute drive to our destination to sign her up for dance class and she went through a bunch of topics. here are some bits and pieces of our conversation:

mom, do you ever wonder why God made us small and not big like him...did you know that the Devil was actually an angel first...and that's why there's death, God really planned for humans to live for a long time, but the Devil brought death and sin...i've been reading that book about the human body, did you know that there are four sectors of the heart...that's right they're called know what else has chambers, the pyramids in egypt, ya they have chambers, one was for food, and there was one for the mummies...the mummies actually had different know where else in history there were colonies, during the days of the early presidents...there were 13 colonies, and that's why there are 13 stripes on the american flag...whew, i feel like an encyclopedia.

sorry, the ... parts are where i kinda tuned her out to focus on driving, she said a lot more than that.  plus i was thinking that she talks so much and who knows where she got it from. i did manage to get in a couple of answers and some facts of my own.

my daughter, the talking encyclopedia. gotta love her.

Monday, July 2, 2012

driving in peace

driving in the car...
malia: micah, stop putting your stuff on top of my things!
micah: but i had it there first!
malia: put it on your side!
micah: but i had it there first!
malia: no you didn't!
micah: yes i did!
malia: quit it!
me: umm, do you guys even like each other?
micah: yes
malia: yes

and the fighting stopped. i had some peace.
wow. i have to remember to ask that more often.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

happy birthday grandma & ninang

it's been 15 years since my mom went to heaven, but it seems like only yesterday. so july 1st is always a family day since it's also my sister's birthday.

we went to church, then breakfast, then watched brave. loved the movie.  

then we headed over to the cemetery. the kids made cards for grandma. lia and i made pom poms and shaped them into a heart. jonah said it was a necklace for grandma.

the kids are getting so big. and i love how they have unconditional love for their grandma letty even though they've never met her. i'm sure they've seen her visiting when they were infants and still feel her protecting and watching over them.

malia loves to hear my stories of my mom. micah is still grasping the concept that she was sick and had to leave to be with Jesus because he was the only one who could heal her.

the kids played at the house the rest of the day, mostly in m&m's room. so it was pretty much a party in the room, just like malia wanted, because that's where grandma's picture is.