Friday, July 20, 2012

the encyclopedia

if anyone ever needed someone to talk to, i'm sure malia would be happy to volunteer to be their partner.

it was a 20 minute drive to our destination to sign her up for dance class and she went through a bunch of topics. here are some bits and pieces of our conversation:

mom, do you ever wonder why God made us small and not big like him...did you know that the Devil was actually an angel first...and that's why there's death, God really planned for humans to live for a long time, but the Devil brought death and sin...i've been reading that book about the human body, did you know that there are four sectors of the heart...that's right they're called know what else has chambers, the pyramids in egypt, ya they have chambers, one was for food, and there was one for the mummies...the mummies actually had different know where else in history there were colonies, during the days of the early presidents...there were 13 colonies, and that's why there are 13 stripes on the american flag...whew, i feel like an encyclopedia.

sorry, the ... parts are where i kinda tuned her out to focus on driving, she said a lot more than that.  plus i was thinking that she talks so much and who knows where she got it from. i did manage to get in a couple of answers and some facts of my own.

my daughter, the talking encyclopedia. gotta love her.