Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

santa came early christmas morning, bringing presents to celebrate jesus' birthday. malia woke up first and was trying to wake micah up because we have a rule in our house that the kids have to go down together to see what santa brought. malia liked her unicorn pillow pet the best. and of course, micah liked his recycle truck the most. we exchanged gifts with each other after that. the kids gave me some cute mickey earrings that they wrapped all by themselves. micah gave malia crocs and malia gave micah a snuggie. daddy got coke pj pants. we gave the kids some wii games we could play as a family.

then it was off to grandma & grandpa's house. micah got a huge blue garbage truck from his ninong ray and tossed all his other gifts aside. the kids did karaoke (jingle bell rock & feliz navidad) and grandpa gave them money.

the following day, m&m exchanged gifts with their cousins. micah got the toy story garbage truck. so he is just on cloud nine with all of his garbage/recycle trucks. i think he has 10 total now.

i was really proud of malia this year. she didn't keep asking for more presents. and it was a lot of fun with all of her new questions about santa. my favorite one was, "how come santa only eats junk food when he visits people's houses?" maybe next year we'll give santa an apple.

Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve will find me...at urgent care

the kids were filled with joy when they woke up and i wished them a merry christmas eve and told them that santa was coming very soon. we had a pretty relaxing day. then we went to 4pm mass at st. rose. after that jos and i, with all the kids in my car, headed out to our cousin's house in rancho bernardo. but first we stopped to look at the christmas lights at 'christmas circle' in chula vista. it's so cool when an entire neighborhood gets all decked out in christmas lights. toward the end of the street, malia said to me, "my ear hurts." i asked her if she thought it hurt bad enough to go to the doctor and she said no. for the past week she had a cold/allergies, so i thought that maybe her ear was just plugged. during the 40 minute drive, she said a couple more times that it hurt, but she fell asleep. when we arrived at my cousin's house at 6pm and she woke up, she started crying because it hurt so much. poor thing, that's when i knew we had to go because she had an ear infection. thank God i found a rady's urgent care that was in escondido. she and i got back to the party at 9pm. she felt a little bit better after all the meds, but still wasn't her usual cheery self even when she was opening presents.

at least micah still had a ton of fun on christmas eve. he was singing christmas songs and dancing and playing with his cousins. he only had a 30 minute nap that day and still managed to stay up until midnight.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

micah's 1st performance

last friday, micah's school put on a christmas show. it started off with a video of linus (from charlie brown) explaining the meaning of christmas. then each class performed a couple of songs. we didn't really know what to expect from micah. i was laughing and crying at the same time. little kids are hilarious. we could really pick out his voice. i especially love his posing. his performance was such a great gift. just don't ask me the words to the first song.

Monday, December 13, 2010

a relaxing sunday

we've been so busy lately, but we finally had some time to relax on sunday. after church, the kids spent some time riding their bikes and playing golf outside since it was nice and sunny. then they came in to paint some ornaments that roel picked up for free at a choir performance. we spent the rest of the day watching christmas shows on tv and trying to organize christmas presents.

wow, they are really concentrating on their work

joel's baptism

m&m's cousin joel was baptized last saturday. he's so cute and chubby. he didn't cry when the water was poured on his head, just looked around with his usual surprised, wide-eyed look.
it's obvious i'm not a photographer.

so sweet, mother and son

i caught joelle trying to eat the rest of the cake

Sunday, December 5, 2010

malia's blog

after malia and i went to church this morning, we came up with an idea that she would have her own blog. a prayer blog for her daily prayers. this generation is so different. everything is high tech, they are taught things at a younger age, they can't play outside without close supervision, etc. they just have so much more than we did as kids, it's easy for them to take the little things for granted. so this is a great way for her to remember to pray every day and to keep God close. everything is in her own words. either i will type what she says or she will type it. here's her link. she typed her first post today, it took her quite a while. she was so happy to do it, it was cute.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the mountain of life

since i've been uploading pictures, i came across this one. i stare at this poster in the hallway on mondays when i'm waiting to pick up malia from her ccd class. it looks like something that was probably made in a class as a group project. i like it because it states 'you come from God' and then 'you return to God'. but then as i read up and down the mountain, i realized how far i am on the down side of the mountain. how could the time have gone by so fast? and why does this poster make me feel as though i'm running out of time? they could have made the other side longer. they forgot to put in grandchildren and traveling when you retire. i'm just saying. so now, i wait on the other side of the hallway so it's not staring at me. yes, i'm crazy.

malia will be done with ccd in may.

m&m update

the last update i did was in april. i know i said i wanted to do updates every 2 to 3 months, so this is really behind.

micah is still into garbage trucks, but i'm noticing he is liking dump trucks as well. he's not on youtube as much. maybe it's because we've been moving so much stuff around between the 2 rooms.

lately, micah has been reluctant to go to school. he still likes it there, he only has a problem when it's time for roel to leave when dropping him off. we think it's because he hasn't really grasped the concept of vacation/weekends and thinks it's easy to stay home with one of us. so we just have to remember to tell him the night before if he's going to school or if school is closed the next day.

malia just joined the piano club at school. they teach her how to play piano. it's free! she still wants to join the running club but roel won't let her since they run in the morning and it's cold.

she loves this makeup kit that she got for her birthday. i only let her do it at home and she doesn't wear it out. but she can spend a good hour in the mirror. so vain. but it is nice and quiet when she's playing with her makeup kit.

daddy took the kids to get their flu shot last month. only malia cried, which wasn't surprising. micah was so proud of himself that he didn't cry. and malia denied it when micah was telling me about her crying.

we watched tangled the day before thanksgiving. we loved it. well, it's still a little tough for micah to sit in the theater the entire time especially because it's dark. he kept asking me to point to the way out.

we are enjoying all the christmas songs on the radio. our christmas shopping is almost done. hopefully we can go to disneyland sometime soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

turkey day art

okay, so it's a week late, but my mac is finally back in the room now. we are slowly trying to get our room back together now that the flooring is in. the kids room is really packed with our stuff.

thanksgiving came so fast. this year we tried deep fried turkey for the first time. it was good!

here's some thanksgiving art from school:

not too sure why there's an owl, but i thought he was cute enough to include. it's funny how malia puts she is thankful for her fish when she looks at it like once a month.