Thursday, December 2, 2010

m&m update

the last update i did was in april. i know i said i wanted to do updates every 2 to 3 months, so this is really behind.

micah is still into garbage trucks, but i'm noticing he is liking dump trucks as well. he's not on youtube as much. maybe it's because we've been moving so much stuff around between the 2 rooms.

lately, micah has been reluctant to go to school. he still likes it there, he only has a problem when it's time for roel to leave when dropping him off. we think it's because he hasn't really grasped the concept of vacation/weekends and thinks it's easy to stay home with one of us. so we just have to remember to tell him the night before if he's going to school or if school is closed the next day.

malia just joined the piano club at school. they teach her how to play piano. it's free! she still wants to join the running club but roel won't let her since they run in the morning and it's cold.

she loves this makeup kit that she got for her birthday. i only let her do it at home and she doesn't wear it out. but she can spend a good hour in the mirror. so vain. but it is nice and quiet when she's playing with her makeup kit.

daddy took the kids to get their flu shot last month. only malia cried, which wasn't surprising. micah was so proud of himself that he didn't cry. and malia denied it when micah was telling me about her crying.

we watched tangled the day before thanksgiving. we loved it. well, it's still a little tough for micah to sit in the theater the entire time especially because it's dark. he kept asking me to point to the way out.

we are enjoying all the christmas songs on the radio. our christmas shopping is almost done. hopefully we can go to disneyland sometime soon!