Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve will find urgent care

the kids were filled with joy when they woke up and i wished them a merry christmas eve and told them that santa was coming very soon. we had a pretty relaxing day. then we went to 4pm mass at st. rose. after that jos and i, with all the kids in my car, headed out to our cousin's house in rancho bernardo. but first we stopped to look at the christmas lights at 'christmas circle' in chula vista. it's so cool when an entire neighborhood gets all decked out in christmas lights. toward the end of the street, malia said to me, "my ear hurts." i asked her if she thought it hurt bad enough to go to the doctor and she said no. for the past week she had a cold/allergies, so i thought that maybe her ear was just plugged. during the 40 minute drive, she said a couple more times that it hurt, but she fell asleep. when we arrived at my cousin's house at 6pm and she woke up, she started crying because it hurt so much. poor thing, that's when i knew we had to go because she had an ear infection. thank God i found a rady's urgent care that was in escondido. she and i got back to the party at 9pm. she felt a little bit better after all the meds, but still wasn't her usual cheery self even when she was opening presents.

at least micah still had a ton of fun on christmas eve. he was singing christmas songs and dancing and playing with his cousins. he only had a 30 minute nap that day and still managed to stay up until midnight.