Thursday, December 2, 2010

the mountain of life

since i've been uploading pictures, i came across this one. i stare at this poster in the hallway on mondays when i'm waiting to pick up malia from her ccd class. it looks like something that was probably made in a class as a group project. i like it because it states 'you come from God' and then 'you return to God'. but then as i read up and down the mountain, i realized how far i am on the down side of the mountain. how could the time have gone by so fast? and why does this poster make me feel as though i'm running out of time? they could have made the other side longer. they forgot to put in grandchildren and traveling when you retire. i'm just saying. so now, i wait on the other side of the hallway so it's not staring at me. yes, i'm crazy.

malia will be done with ccd in may.