Friday, May 30, 2014

mother's day

we always start celebrating mother's day the day before with my sister. we had busy schedules this year, so we just met up for dinner at project pie in eastlake. our first time there and we loved the pizza. the kids really enjoyed creating their own.

i don't really like getting flowers, so roel gave me an ipad mini. he said it was mainly for me to read my books on. micah was so happy about it. he downloaded a bunch of games and used it every chance he could.

on sunday, roel's mom wanted to eat at the vip buffet in chula vista, so we stuffed our faces there. it was so hot after that, malia wanted to go in the pool. and the adventos joined us. so it was a fun mother's day.

before bed malia said, "this was a great mother's day."

Sunday, May 25, 2014

funny photo

this picture makes me smile. lots of things wrong in this picture. i think i have a past post of micah vacuuming in his underwear. he complained that it would be a hard task vacuuming the rug, but once he did it, he didn't want to stop. he had to vacuum because he was eating chips on the carpet and spilled all over the place. malia didn't even notice micah vacuuming.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

friday nights

malia has been asking for her own room since last year. and then we finally moved and she got it. but ever since then, she's been trying to come back in our bed. so she has designated fridays as the day they both get to sleep in our bed. they are big now so we have to sleep sideways, and it's uncomfortable for me and roel because we can't stretch our legs out, plus we get kicked, but we love it. that's all they get though cuz i have to make up for lack of sleep on saturday nights.