Saturday, October 22, 2011

disney store halloween dress rehearsal

took the kids to the disney store at plaza bonita this morning for a costume parade. they played a 'snow white says' game, a 'guess who' game, and watched a short video on rapunzel being coronated the newest princess before actually parading around the store and in part of the mall.

afterwards, they got some prizes. malia got some fairies cards and a tink magnet. micah got a cars memory game and cars stickers. and they both got a mickey flashing safety light to use on halloween.

after we were done with that, i asked them if they wanted to go to the disney store at fashion valley mall to do it again, and they said yes.

micah was the only spidey at both events. it's funny and cool at the same time how spidey is now disney.

i wanted them to see how cool the disney store at fashion valley mall is. malia loved the castle. i personally thought the cast members at fashion valley did a better job with the kids, but malia liked the event at plaza bonita better because the actual costume parade was longer and they went out of the store and in part of the mall.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

lego building at toys r us

i often read about free events at toys r us and want to bring the kids, but i always forget. guess i need to write down more notes to myself.

we actually made it to this one by coincidence. this one was for building the cars 2 spy car, torque.

they were happy to get a new toy and i was happy because it was free.