Sunday, July 24, 2011

trolley to the comic con

i've been in san diego for 21 years and today was the first time i rode the trolley. it was the kids' first time too, so they were pretty excited.

(can't you just hear me saying, "don't touch that, it's dirty.")
right when we got off the trolley, it was busy. a lego optimus prime was out on the street passing out free toys. i'm all about the free stuff at comic con, but it was super crowded.

everything had a line. we saw a lot of costumes, took pictures, watched fencing upstairs on the balcony, ate overpriced food, saw lots of cooly toys, and tried to get as much free stuff as we could.

can't pass up the star wars photo ops.

lots of walking involved. we were beat, especially after carrying micah when he fell asleep! at least they got free backpacks to carry their stuff in.

(why do kids like playing around pigeons? so gross.)

it was micah's first time at the comic con, malia's second time. costumes next year for sure!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

first day of 3rd grade

malia started 3rd grade today. she was excited, but was a little sad she wouldn't have her same teacher as last year (whom she adored).

her new teacher's name is ms. campise. when i picked lia up, ms. campise said malia did well on her assessments for the first day, but was a little chatty. i'm not surprised. she's my little chatterbox.

is it bad that malia is wearing the same jumper that i bought when she started school there in 1st grade? it still fits but gets shorter as she grows taller =). hmm, cheap or frugal?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

party faces

we went to a birthday party in coronado today. it was such a nice day for flying kites, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, and...face painting.

malia loves getting her face painted. the last few times, she's had a butterfly mask. so naturally, that's what she asked for this time.

as for the boy, he wanted spiderman. i thought he was just going to get a small one on his cheek. but daddy came by and suggested he get his whole face done. he loved it. and was happy to do his spidey pose.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

monkey toes

this is what happens when the two monkeys go around taking pictures for fun. it's a weird, silly picture. i love it. (i chose this over the pictures of the mess they made in their room.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fireworks on the 4th, youtube style

malia was sick all weekend so we didn't go out for independence day. we watched movies and played with toys. when 9pm came around, we could hear some fireworks close to us. but the big hill by our house was in the way. from upstairs, the kids saw one or two fireworks in the distance. then they complained that we weren't out watching fireworks. so i turned on the tv and we watched the fireworks show in DC. then micah said he wanted disneyland fireworks instead. (disneyland started showing their 4th of july fireworks on the 1st and someone had already uploaded it to youtube.) so there we were, the 4 of us, watching the disneyland fireworks on youtube. the kids were happy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

sd fair

happy birthday to my sister and happy heaven birthday to my mom! as always, it's hard to get a good kids photo.

after visiting my mom, we all headed to the sd county fair. theme this year: race to the fair. the kids wanted to go see the livestock first. then we watched baby pigs race. it smelled great.

after that, it was off to eating fried food and sweets.

then we enjoyed watching our good friends' daughters' performance. (picture taken by micah.)

in the kiddie area, the kids got to choose 2 rides each. malia chose an obstacle course for her first ride. then they both rode a roller coaster with jonah. micah chose the bumper cars for his second ride.

then it was off to the skyride with daddy. they loved it.

micah took a nap while we went through bing crosby hall. malia searched and searched for something to buy. she ended up buying an angry birds lanyard. we bought one for micah too.

we were hot, tired, and sunburned, but it was fun. the kids saw a monster truck in action before we left. and micah ate most of our mini donuts. we love the fair.