Sunday, July 24, 2011

trolley to the comic con

i've been in san diego for 21 years and today was the first time i rode the trolley. it was the kids' first time too, so they were pretty excited.

(can't you just hear me saying, "don't touch that, it's dirty.")
right when we got off the trolley, it was busy. a lego optimus prime was out on the street passing out free toys. i'm all about the free stuff at comic con, but it was super crowded.

everything had a line. we saw a lot of costumes, took pictures, watched fencing upstairs on the balcony, ate overpriced food, saw lots of cooly toys, and tried to get as much free stuff as we could.

can't pass up the star wars photo ops.

lots of walking involved. we were beat, especially after carrying micah when he fell asleep! at least they got free backpacks to carry their stuff in.

(why do kids like playing around pigeons? so gross.)

it was micah's first time at the comic con, malia's second time. costumes next year for sure!