Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i love her

last week, malia was sick. this week, micah is sick. so i dropped malia off at school this morning. not the usual routine. malia is big enough now for me to just go in the drop off line and let her out. (i guess that could've been last year, but i like to hold on.)

she must have told me at least 5 times that she loved me before she got out of the car. she is the sweetest girl. don't get me wrong, she is a typical girl - attitude, roller coaster of emotions and manipulative ways, but she really has a big heart.

so as i saw her in my rear view mirror walking into school, with her big backpack, i realized that my baby girl is really a big girl.

i think parents know these things, but just have these moments when it really just hits you in the head. that was my moment this morning.

me being the leaky faucet that i am, just started crying, for a good 10 minutes on the way to work. i know i'm hard on her sometimes, but i want her to learn how to be tough. i'm also scared for her to get too dependent on me, just in case i'm not around one day. i see a lot of my mom and my sister in her, and that makes me happy.

i love her.

i think i'll just stick to picking up the kids from school.