Sunday, August 21, 2011

dear adrian

Dear Adrian,

I am so so so so so so sooo sorry for what I have done on Friday. I hope you feel better when you get this note. Now I know to never chase you again in my whole life and I will now chase other people like you. Because my mom tahgt me a lesson about that so do you forgive me? Write back soon! I hope you do!

my daughter's apology letter verbatim. she was playing tag at school (which is not allowed), and somehow managed to push a boy and make him fall. even worse, he hit his head on something. luckily he was fine. i hope his parents are also forgiving. malia is on restriction from sweets and computer games. she also has to read more and do chores. i put some fear in her by asking her to put herself in adrian's shoes and thank God that the worst didn't happen. ugh, parenting!