Monday, July 27, 2009

1st day of 1st grade

malia was excited to get dressed and fix her hair for the first day at her new school. i don't remember being excited for school, especially with uniforms. but she likes it because she gets to wear a skirt some days. we were all there to bring her for her first day. of course daddy was there since he works there. but micah's daycare was closed, so he got to come along. micah ran around waving to people as if he had been at the school for years. malia went in line as we waited for her classroom door to open. i smiled, knowing she would probably be the smallest in her class. her teacher greeted them with a handshake as they walked in, then assured us the kids would be fine. we left, and that's when my paranoid side kicked in and i realized that this was real school now, with actual grades. did i make the right decision of keeping her in montessori for kinder? would she be behind or bored? why and how did i forget do the public bathroom drill with her? at least i was home with micah and he made me laugh so i could forget about worrying. when we picked her up she came out with a huge smile. she enjoyed her first day and looks forward to going back tomorrow. she told me she was proud of the work she did in class. she didn't use the potty but did inform me she knew what to do. she even ate all her food. i'm so proud of her! of course, we never have to worry about her social skills.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

all partied out

i'm sure the kids aren't exhausted as i am from the 4 parties we attended this weekend. summer is always filled with parties. and we love parties, but it's hard when they are one right after another. plus kids don't slow down in the heat like adults do. i could post a ton of pictures, but i'm just posting this video because it was my favorite moment this weekend.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

fun filled friday

malia met her new teacher, ms rogale, on friday. feaster had a quick orientation where the kids got to meet their new teachers and were given free backpacks & a free lunch. malia is so petite that the backpack is half her size, but it's cute. and she's excited for school. after that, i brought her to meet up with roel at the comic con. micah and i hung out at seaport village and horton plaza. (umm yeah, no comment on the comic con pic.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tooth #3 is out

when i picked up malia today, i noticed her top front tooth was crooked. it had been loose for quite some time, but now it was hanging by a thread. she didn't do anything about it until daddy told her to push it with her tongue. of course, it popped out after that. she was so excited. and i can't help but smile or laugh when i see her toothless smile. i wonder how much daddy will have the tooth fairy give her this time.

happy birthday pilot

happy birthday to our honda pilot! we realized our pilot is now 6 years old. malia was in utero with me when i bought it. it has brought both malia & micah home from the hospital after they were born. we love our pilot. it may not be the nicest SUV in town, but it gets us where we want to go safely, and that's what counts. after malia finished singing 'happy birthday' to the pilot, micah said, "where the cake?"

Monday, July 20, 2009

disney family portrait

we're disney fans! (who isn't?) so of course when i saw the ad to make a family portrait, i had to sign up to do it. malia and i made the portrait together. notice she gave herself pink skin. it's really cool because there are a lot of outfits to choose from, backgrounds too. so we'll be changing our portrait periodically. (sigh) if it weren't for the lack of funds right now, we would be in disneyland more often. luckily we are able to go at least once a year. and we are definitely looking forward to our disneyland trip in october!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

micah update

micah went to dr garcia's yesterday to get updated on his immunizations. the minute we walked into the office, he became quiet. it's been about 6 months since he's been there, but i'm sure he remembers that he never leaves happy. he cooperated with the weighing, measuring, and even the exam, just remained quiet. and then it was time for the shots. he watched the nurse get the shots ready. i tried to distract him right before the first shot went in. i expected screaming, but he just tensed up. he was pretty brave until the 3rd and final shot went in. he whimpered, and with tears falling down his cheeks, he said to me, "door, open." he just wanted to get out of there. and once we were out, he was okay.

so micah now weighs 26 pounds and stands 33 inches tall. dr garcia says he's just right. he talks SO much yet didn't say a word to anyone in the doctor's office. micah speaks in sentences. he'll say things like,"c'mon, let's go...upstairs," or "it's Nicah's milk." (he prounounces his name with an N.) he can count to 10 and is fascinated with cars. my little boy will be 2 in just 2 months!

Friday, July 10, 2009

another furlough friday

since the governor has added another furlough day for state employees, our office was closed today. so we surprised the kids with a quick trip to sea world. malia got to pet her beloved stingrays, but enjoyed picking up the starfish as well. micah wanted to hold the starfish too, but when roel gave it to him, he started to squeeze it, so that didn't last long. we watched the sea otters, sea turtles, and went to the aquariums. but shamu is still the favorite.

Friday, July 3, 2009

costco is out to get me

and everyone else too! i try to go only once a month for this reason. c'mon, who doesn't like a free sample? but do they have to give apple pie a la mode and tell me that there's a coupon for it in my booklet? sold! next sample...sold again! malia loves coming with me to costco for the samples. but also because she knows we will leave with a frozen yogurt in hand. that's the reason i used to go with my mom! that's when it was known as price club. anyways, i only had a few things on my list like wipes, veggie chips and a gift card. but $150 later, i knew they got me again. looks like we'll be eating apple pie a la mode (among other things) this holiday weekend.