Monday, July 27, 2009

1st day of 1st grade

malia was excited to get dressed and fix her hair for the first day at her new school. i don't remember being excited for school, especially with uniforms. but she likes it because she gets to wear a skirt some days. we were all there to bring her for her first day. of course daddy was there since he works there. but micah's daycare was closed, so he got to come along. micah ran around waving to people as if he had been at the school for years. malia went in line as we waited for her classroom door to open. i smiled, knowing she would probably be the smallest in her class. her teacher greeted them with a handshake as they walked in, then assured us the kids would be fine. we left, and that's when my paranoid side kicked in and i realized that this was real school now, with actual grades. did i make the right decision of keeping her in montessori for kinder? would she be behind or bored? why and how did i forget do the public bathroom drill with her? at least i was home with micah and he made me laugh so i could forget about worrying. when we picked her up she came out with a huge smile. she enjoyed her first day and looks forward to going back tomorrow. she told me she was proud of the work she did in class. she didn't use the potty but did inform me she knew what to do. she even ate all her food. i'm so proud of her! of course, we never have to worry about her social skills.