Sunday, August 2, 2009

my mom passed away a little over 12 years ago, but it feels as if it were yesterday. i've been to a couple of viewings or funerals since then. last week, my dad's uncle passed away. we called him grandpa ding. my earliest memories of him are from elementary school. he was pretty close to my mom, and always tried to help her when my dad was out to sea. he was always smiling, very positive, and willing to give good advice. going to his viewing on friday and funeral yesterday, i learned so much more about him. he touched so many lives. even when he was weak from being on dialysis for many years. he truly had a pure heart. after that, i was convinced that sometimes the good ones go first, to open our eyes and help us realize how much more we could be doing with our lives, to appreciate what we have and help others have more, and to live like God wanted us to. my mom, my good friends' dad and lola, and grandpa ding - all good ones. it's SO hard to live without a loved one, but in some ways it makes us stronger. it's really touching how malia can love grandma even when she's never met her. in the same way she loves God. malia loves listening to stories about my mom and visiting the cemetery. she will draw pictures for her and ask me questions about her. it helps me remember all the things i love about my mom. malia can help me tell the stories to micah. we know that my mom is their guardian angel.