Monday, August 24, 2009

freak out

the minute i became a mom, i self diagnosed myself with anxiety disorder with paranoia since i tend to freak out before i take a breath and think out the situation. today was one of those kind of days. ms beverly called me from daycare and told me that micah started coughing and wheezing after lunch. it was possibly a reaction to the catfish in the meal he had eaten. he had eaten fish before, but certain dishes made him break out in hives. this was the first time he had catfish, and the first time he had an allergic reaction of just coughing and wheezing. this was just before 2pm and i get off work at 2:30pm. well, turns out my boss is out the whole week. so i just grabbed my stuff and told a co-worker i was leaving. i rushed to buy some benadryl and headed to daycare. when i got there, micah's ears were red and he had some hives starting. the good thing was that he was still playing. luckily, he liked the taste of the benadryl and took it right away. after about 30 minutes he was better. and i was too.