Tuesday, August 4, 2009


when lia started 1st grade i knew she would be bringing home homework, but what i didn't realize was that it meant i had homework too, lots of it. i even went to lakeshore learning to buy all kinds of charts to put on her wall. there's no way we had to know this kind of stuff when i was in 1st grade. i'm pretty sure i wasn't counting by 2's or writing out the month of august. did i even know what august was at 5 years old? well, it's only week 2 of school and homework for me is a true test on my patience. it took the first week of school to really motivate malia to start on homework, but now she doesn't have a problem starting. finishing is another issue. she and i sometimes get distracted when the little boy walks in "vroom vrooming" with his cars. (daddy is 'supposedly' watching him.) so i have to remind her to focus on her work so she could play afterwards.

other than that she is doing fine while at school. she has been called 'chatty' though, and was told not to hum in class. i buy her hot lunch and she's given a lunch card. it's funny because the first day she told me excitedly, "they gave me a credit card to pay for my lunch." she likes to run around the track on the field with her friends at recess. i hope she doesn't lose any weight! we're all still adjusting to the new schedule, i think i will take the longest to adjust. and then it's round 2 come october when micah starts preschool. at least he won't have homework!