Saturday, February 26, 2011

lowe's build and grow clinic

it was raining pretty hard this morning, but we still took the kids to a lowe's build and grow clinic that i had signed them up for. they each built a racecar with our help. they felt like handy manny. it's a such good feeling for them when they can say they made their new toy. and it's even better when it's completely free!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

happy baptism birthday lia

lia's only request for her baptism birthday was a flourless chocolate cake from hans and harry's bakery. she loves that cake. the kids devoured it. we had a nice baptism birthday and anniversary dinner at home since it was a school night. after homework, we watched some movies, then she did her girly things. she's growing up so fast.

Monday, February 21, 2011

allied waste drivers wanted

thanks to auntie claris, we were able to visit allied waste in chula vista to see a garbage truck in action up close. i was so excited for micah, i made him a shirt with a garbage truck on it. micah was already thrilled as we pulled up the driveway and saw so many garbage trucks.

we met with vanessa (who works in PR) and david (a sanitation engineer). it was cool hearing so many facts about the trucks. they have new trucks that run on clean natural gas. we were able to have a close up look at a commercial garbage truck. it was very cool. we will never look at garbage trucks the same way.

the kids loved sitting in the driver's seat, honking the horn, and pulling the cord for the really loud horn. then they were given goody bags with recycled pencils, coloring books, and a little garbage truck squeeze toy.

micah doesn't show too much excitement around new people he doesn't know. he needs a while to warm up. but only we know that the look on his face in this picture means he was loving every minute of it.
even malia, who usually just laughs at micah's garbage truck obsession, was having a great time. she asked david if they burn trash there like in the toy story 3 movie. he explained to her that they only burn off methane gas and not actual trash.
micah didn't put his new garbage truck toy down the rest of the day and of course, he slept with it.
what a lucky little guy. i wonder if he'll still want to be a sanitation worker in 10 years.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

field trip to the fleet

malia had a field trip today at reuben h fleet science center. i thought i would be in charge of a group of kids, but i was only in charge of malia and one other girl, katelyn. katelyn was almost like malia's clone. she was tiny, sweet, and full of energy. and shortly after meeting her, she asked me to hold her things in my bag. that's something malia always does. and as i walked in with them, each of them holding my hand, for a moment i thought how nice it would be to have 2 girls. but then when they started running in different directions, that nice thought was completely gone. they had a lot of fun. and i ended up buying both of them something from the gift shop. we also did some pressed pennies.

valentine's day

valentine's day fell on a monday, which is a busy day for us. so we had to start celebrating over the weekend. it's malia's 2nd favorite holiday. she must have made me about 20 valentines. of course, micah had daddy draw a garbage truck on his valentine to me. after they came home all sugared up from school and ccd, we made some pizzas from a kit i bought from sammy's woodfired pizza.

here's some valentine art from home and school:

Friday, February 11, 2011

malia's first reconciliation

we called it confession or penance, but the director of ccd said that they are teaching the kids to only call it reconciliation so they don't become afraid of it. who doesn't think it's scary admitting your sins to a complete stranger?! i was horrified, i can remember exactly what the room looked like. and this was when then priest was behind a partition, not face to face like they do it now. anyways, my social butterfly malia looked a little nervous, but still had no problems talking to the priest. we were in the back half of the church. i was smiling and watching, micah was waving at her (i don't know why), and roel was taking her picture with his phone. the priest even said beforehand that we're not supposed to take pictures with flash and close up, so i guess roel figured he was okay because we were far and there wasn't a flash. she said she felt good afterwards and that she liked it. so if she wants to go again, do i have to go?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

are you okay malia?

when i tell people that i'm hesitant to let malia do certain things because she's prone to injury, they give me a weird look and don't believe me. but it's true. she ends up crying at almost every party or event we go to because she got hurt. she's a regular in the nurse's office at school. it's never really her fault though (most of the time). somehow she gets hit by a ball or an object, or people run into her because they don't see her, or somehow she just falls. and then there's the obvious reasons, she either didn't listen or her brother hurt her. thank goodness it's always a minor injury. and i'm always asking, "are you okay malia? do we have to go to the emergency room?"

so......we were eating dinner and she was sitting at the kids table. it's perfect size for the kids, she's maybe even outgrowing it a bit. i was getting micah a drink and she started asking me for more juice. she then proceeded to tell me some facts about juice. she's very animated when she talks, so one of her hands was on the table and the other hand was in the air. and next thing i know, she fell off her chair and was on the floor. she hit her head on another chair. so of course i rushed over to her and asked, "are you okay malia? do we have to go to the emergency room?" i gave her an ice pack and she was fine. wow, we weren't even doing any physical activity and she was injured. didn't even have to leave home. my poor girl. she needs more meat on her to cushion these injuries!

Monday, February 7, 2011

another cousin!

m&m met their new cousin yesterday. lily jo olegario was born on 2/5/11. we were surprised that the hospital let the kids go into the maternity ward. they were both so happy to be able to see and hold lily. she'll be running around with them before we know it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my random preacher

last night before micah was about to start his homework (coloring), he started stomping his foot on the mat in our room and said,"step step step on the debil (devil), we don't listen to him." it was so random, i just started laughing. but then of course i had to agree with what he just preached to me. i guess that's what he learned at school yesterday. that's what happens when you send kids to a christian preschool.