Monday, February 21, 2011

allied waste drivers wanted

thanks to auntie claris, we were able to visit allied waste in chula vista to see a garbage truck in action up close. i was so excited for micah, i made him a shirt with a garbage truck on it. micah was already thrilled as we pulled up the driveway and saw so many garbage trucks.

we met with vanessa (who works in PR) and david (a sanitation engineer). it was cool hearing so many facts about the trucks. they have new trucks that run on clean natural gas. we were able to have a close up look at a commercial garbage truck. it was very cool. we will never look at garbage trucks the same way.

the kids loved sitting in the driver's seat, honking the horn, and pulling the cord for the really loud horn. then they were given goody bags with recycled pencils, coloring books, and a little garbage truck squeeze toy.

micah doesn't show too much excitement around new people he doesn't know. he needs a while to warm up. but only we know that the look on his face in this picture means he was loving every minute of it.
even malia, who usually just laughs at micah's garbage truck obsession, was having a great time. she asked david if they burn trash there like in the toy story 3 movie. he explained to her that they only burn off methane gas and not actual trash.
micah didn't put his new garbage truck toy down the rest of the day and of course, he slept with it.
what a lucky little guy. i wonder if he'll still want to be a sanitation worker in 10 years.