Tuesday, February 8, 2011

are you okay malia?

when i tell people that i'm hesitant to let malia do certain things because she's prone to injury, they give me a weird look and don't believe me. but it's true. she ends up crying at almost every party or event we go to because she got hurt. she's a regular in the nurse's office at school. it's never really her fault though (most of the time). somehow she gets hit by a ball or an object, or people run into her because they don't see her, or somehow she just falls. and then there's the obvious reasons, she either didn't listen or her brother hurt her. thank goodness it's always a minor injury. and i'm always asking, "are you okay malia? do we have to go to the emergency room?"

so......we were eating dinner and she was sitting at the kids table. it's perfect size for the kids, she's maybe even outgrowing it a bit. i was getting micah a drink and she started asking me for more juice. she then proceeded to tell me some facts about juice. she's very animated when she talks, so one of her hands was on the table and the other hand was in the air. and next thing i know, she fell off her chair and was on the floor. she hit her head on another chair. so of course i rushed over to her and asked, "are you okay malia? do we have to go to the emergency room?" i gave her an ice pack and she was fine. wow, we weren't even doing any physical activity and she was injured. didn't even have to leave home. my poor girl. she needs more meat on her to cushion these injuries!