Sunday, July 1, 2012

happy birthday grandma & ninang

it's been 15 years since my mom went to heaven, but it seems like only yesterday. so july 1st is always a family day since it's also my sister's birthday.

we went to church, then breakfast, then watched brave. loved the movie.  

then we headed over to the cemetery. the kids made cards for grandma. lia and i made pom poms and shaped them into a heart. jonah said it was a necklace for grandma.

the kids are getting so big. and i love how they have unconditional love for their grandma letty even though they've never met her. i'm sure they've seen her visiting when they were infants and still feel her protecting and watching over them.

malia loves to hear my stories of my mom. micah is still grasping the concept that she was sick and had to leave to be with Jesus because he was the only one who could heal her.

the kids played at the house the rest of the day, mostly in m&m's room. so it was pretty much a party in the room, just like malia wanted, because that's where grandma's picture is.