Wednesday, June 27, 2012

almost a kinder

my baby boy is graduating from preschool on friday. it came up so fast, i am not ready. and i'm getting really sad. why does he have to grow up?

he started at spectrum preschool the day after his 2nd birthday. he was a baby!

and i've watched him grow these last 2+ years into this little man who asks a lot of questions, plays nicely with his friends, and adores his teachers.

i never really pushed him academically because i was sort of in denial about him growing up. but he's amazed me. he's reading words, trying to spell, and practicing writing & drawing. and i've learned that he's more interested in all these things if we don't push him.

this is what a typical afternoon looks like when i pick him up:

i enter the gate and look to see if he's outside at the playground.

if he is, he runs over to me, always happy. then we go get his things in his class.

sometimes when they're not outside yet, i find him playing with toys inside, just after snack.

i get his things (papers & jacket) in his cubbie and grab his lunch box.

when we get outside, he runs in front of me up the ramp.

he runs toward the gate. (he doesn't want me to run too.)

then he stands at the gate measuring me with his thumb and index finger to see how much bigger i get as i get closer to him.

and he smiles at me. i love him!

i will miss this. just as i still miss picking up malia from preschool. she used to wait on a bench and jump up and down as if she won the lotto when she saw me coming. why do they have to grow up?