Friday, May 25, 2012


i smother my kids with kisses. and any family or friends' babies too. i will even do the grandma sniff.

malia loves cuddling and getting kisses. micah only likes it sometimes, but especially likes it when he's sleepy. he's a boy after all. but i seem to smother him a little bit more because he has more meat on him, and he's my baby.

micah: stop kissing my cheeks mom!
me: why? those are my cheeks.
micah: no, they're mine! (gives me a mad face)
me: you know what? when you're asleep, i kiss you all over your face as much as i want and you can't wipe it off.
micah: what?!!...daddy, does mama kiss me all over my face when i'm sleeping?
daddy: yup!
micah: aw man, i don't like a lot of kisses!