Sunday, May 6, 2012


we are all about superheroes. roel grew up collecting comics, going to the comic con, collecting action figures, etc. i grew up watching spiderman and friends, the justice league, and loved wearing my wonder woman underoos. i also wore batman and superman jewelry. i guess it also shows in micah's name that we love superheroes. so naturally, m&m love all that too because of us.

so of course we were excited to watch the avengers today. we loved it! well, micah got a little bored during the story parts of the movie. but all the action was great. and the comedy! i painted on the kids' hoodies just for the movie. i didn't want to buy new shirts (they aren't on sale yet). micah didn't want the avengers logo, he wanted the spider for spiderman. but he likes hawkeye in the avengers because of the bow and arrow. malia likes black widow, of course. i like captain america, the character and the actor.