Thursday, May 24, 2012

hand foot and mouth disease

say what? my daughter has what?

i picked up malia at school on monday. she had a fever and felt like vomiting. she never threw up though. by 9pm, she said her ear hurt as well. so off we went to urgent care. the pediatrician said her ear was fine, but she had hand foot & mouth disease. apparently it's going around. it's a virus, nothing we can do about it but wait until it passes. it's easy to catch just like catching a cold.

her highest fever was 102.7. so far, the only blisters she got are were her throat. nothing on her hands or feet or on her skin around her mouth. i guess that's not too bad. but she would cry because her throat felt like it was on fire. i told her i wanted to take a picture of her throat so she could see it and remember it. her response, "really mom?" it didn't happen.

so she's been quarantined ever since. she has her own little spot at the foot of our bed, in front of the tv. i put her mattress there and she has art supplies and some toys. micah isn't allowed to touch any of her things. we are all doing a lot of hand washing. and i am always ready with my lysol wipes in case she touches anything else or sneezes. yes, i'm a freak.

anyway, i've been home with her for the past 2 days. she's gotten a lot better, the blisters are fading. she discovered jem & the holograms on netflix. she was surprised when i told her i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid. she made us some jem earrings to wear. they're pink because she likes pink.

she's not going back to school until tuesday, after the holiday. she's really bummed because she likes school and there's only 1 week left. she was supposed to get an award today, but they will present it to her in class when she comes back.