Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$2 tooth fairy

malia lost her 1st tooth yesterday, one of the bottom ones. she woke up and told daddy her tooth felt loose. and out it came at school during snack time. we were a little concerned that it was early for her tooth to come out, but we were assured by dr garcia that it was normal. she was so excited to show me her tiny tooth in a baggie when i picked her up. she's the only one in her class with a missing tooth. her teachers told her that the tooth fairy would come and give her money for her tooth. so i asked malia how much the tooth fairy gives. she said the tooth fairy gives $2. too funny! then she told daddy she would buy him some coke with the money she would be getting. the tooth fairy ended up giving her $5 and she was extremely happy to tell me all about it when i picked her up today. and with the help of grandma, she decided on saving her money.