Sunday, June 13, 2010

no people aloud

yesterday, after we came home from a birthday party, malia wanted to go to the park to ride her bike. i told her that i needed to change first if she wanted to go and to play quietly downstairs or in her room because micah was sleeping. she went outside in the backyard to ride her bike. i told her to come inside because i needed to go upstairs to change and no one would be watching her. she said she didn't want to come inside and continued to ride her bike. i told her that we didn't have to go to the park if she was just riding her bike in the backyard. she whined that she still wanted to go. ugh, the aggravation! i got mad at her for not listening and sent her to her room. so she came in, gave me a look, stormed into her room and closed the door. (wow, the teen years are going to be fun!)

after maybe 5 minutes, i heard the door open and close again. so i went over there and saw these notes, one on the door and one on the floor.
i love the no people "aloud." wrong word to use, but she spelled it right.

when she finally came out, she said sorry and changed her attitude. we had a good time at the park and went grocery shopping afterwards. goodness...girls!