Monday, June 7, 2010


i had mentioned before that i thought girls were born with knowing how to have attitude. so now i think boys are born with the trait of being obsessed with things. micah's top 3 obsessions right now are star wars, garbage trucks, and cows.

well, it's hard not to be obsessed with star wars because who isn't? but micah will turn the simplest things, like a push pop or a pastry, into a lightsaber. then we'll role play. one of us is usually "darf vader" and he'll try to whack me. i always have to remind him to be gentle because he can really hit hard. malia is always the one who ends up crying if they are having a duel.

the garbage truck obsession is a little odd. he likes cars and construction vehicles, but really gets excited about garbage trucks. he says he likes them because,"they dump." nice. almost every day we hear,"i wanna watch garbage trucks on the computer." so there he is, watching garbage trucks and toy garbage trucks on youtube, with his toy garbage truck in front of him. it's a relief for me that he knows how to use the mouse now, i no longer have to sit and watch the exciting garbage trucks. and of course he throws a fit when i tell him he's had enough time on the computer.

he loves the old macdonald had a farm song, so the cow obsession is not so off the wall. he still watches the baby einstein 'animals on the farm' dvd, but refers to it as "the cow movie." one day, when he was home sick, he must have watched it 4 times in a row, then i had to tell him that was enough. he still watches the cow movie sometimes but has moved on to cow videos on youtube. this one cracks him up. he could watch it over and over. it's sad that he always wants to buy the milk with the cow on it, but we can't because he's allergic to it.

my silly boy. hopefully his obsessions will lead to something great in the future.