Tuesday, June 15, 2010

no more earthquakes please

when the earthquake hit last night, we were all holding each other in the bed. it was the first time micah really felt an earthquake. the last couple of times he was running or playing. but this time he was in bed ready to go to sleep. when the earthquake stopped, his eyes were big and he asked me,"what was that ma-mom?" "the pictures are shaking," he said. i told him that it was an earthquake and we were okay. then malia starts talking non-stop about earthquakes and asking a bunch of questions. then tells micah it was scary. ay, malia joy. micah went to sleep when i kept reassuring him that we were okay and held him. and malia stopped talking, after a while. i woke up at 2am when i heard micah crying. he was having a nightmare. he was calling my name, and then he said, "earthquake." poor guy. i hope he has forgotten about the earthquake already. and i hope we don't have any more.