Sunday, January 9, 2011

our disneycation

on malia's last week of vacation, we had originally planned to go to vegas, but we decided to go to disneyland instead (jan 3-5). we stayed for 3 days, and we've never done that before. so it was nice to take our time. we got lucky that they had extended the holiday festivities for one more day.

we got to watch the christmas fantasy parade twice and up close, we saw small world light up, and micah was able to stay awake for the fireworks. of course i was crying during the fireworks. watching the fireworks with the family at disneyland and hearing our wedding song (remember the magic), what more could i ask for? disney is so magical!

on our second day, we went to krispy kreme for breakfast so the kids could see how the donuts are made (since they don't make them fresh in eastlake).
when we got to the park, we spent a lot of time in toontown. but our mission for the day was to be early for the jedi training academy. every time we usually go, we're always late for it. i even dressed them in their star wars shirts. so it turned out to be the highlight of our trip because both m&m were picked to be padawans. it was awesome!!! and both of them were picked to duel darth vader. it was micah's dream come true! malia was chosen to do the force push on the stormtroopers.

on our last day, we spent the morning in california adventure before we headed home. it was not crowded at all. we walked in to playhouse disney live and the monsters inc ride. we also saw a bunch of characters.

i could have stayed the whole week. but the kids were missing their beds and their toys, it was nice to go home.