Monday, June 22, 2009

monday monday

who really likes mondays? not me, because it's back to work and back to missing the kids while i'm at work. but today was a pretty good monday. malia was with her ninong jojeann, so i only had to pick up micah. even though i missed lia, i got in some mommy & me time with micah, which malia has had a lot of since she is the firstborn. we got home and shared a pineapple, walked down the street to get the mail, then ate some cereal together. it's nice because we really can have a conversation together since he speaks in short sentences now. after roel came home, we headed to la bella's restaurant in chula vista to celebrate ninong/uncle ray-ray's birthday. malia came with ninong jojeann & ninang lori. she was excited to tell us she had gone to the beach today. i'm glad she's enjoying her vacation. after some video games and a good meal, we headed home. and monday is over.