Friday, June 12, 2009

kinder grad

malia graduated from kindergarten today! it was a wonderful ceremony, we really enjoyed watching her. we are so proud of her! the school really went all out. the class sang a bunch of songs including "proud to be an american", "the star spangled banner", "it's a small world" and "we're all in this together." who would've thought it was possible to cry to a HSM song? well, i did. of course micah got a little fidgety when it was time for the teachers and grad committee to speak. you'll see in the pictures that he was walking down the hallway and just about everywhere else. but he was happy to give his sister a hug when it was over. malia got a medal because she had been at her school for 3 years. that was her favorite part of the entire thing.

some pics from the ceremony-

a clip from the HSM number-

and a clip from the exit number-

i'm very thankful she attended a school that fit her personality so well! she was almost in tears when we got home because she finally realized she really wasn't going back to school there. i think we were too busy making sure she was excited to start 1st grade at a new school. i reminded her that her teachers had told her to come back and visit, and then she was fine.