Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tough tuesdays

this semester, daddy's school schedule is tuesdays until 10 and thursdays until 7. so on tuesdays we only see him for a brief moment in the morning. so that leaves me with one cranky girl and one mama's boy on tuesday nights. so far 2 out of 3 tuesdays have been exhausting. today especially, malia threw a big fit, complete with yelling and stomping her feet. after a long time out, she was able to tell me that she was mad, but knew that what she did during her fit was wrong. micah was just looking at her, hopefully he was taking notes on what not to do. but he is everywhere now. Hi-5 won't even keep him completely still anymore. amazingly, i got them both in bed by 8 tonight. which reminds me, i need to catch up on my Jon & Kate plus 8. that show really puts me in my place. it could be worse, at least i only have 2 kids. well, hopefully next tuesday will be a good one.