Thursday, September 20, 2012

the boss

micah: daddy, are you the boss?
roel: no, mama is the boss.
micah: i think you should be the boss.
roel: why?
micah: because you get madder at me.

roel was laughing when he told me about that conversation with micah. the label of 'the boss' in our family came up when malia was being bossy with some of her friends. we were trying to teach her that it wasn't polite to be bossy. we were trying to explain to her that she was not in charge, therefore not the boss of everyone, hence the word 'bossy.' somehow the conversation turned, and the idea of who is in charge of our family became the question. who is the boss? we told the kids that the parents are always in charge of their kids. of course, they always have their own opinions.

sometimes when malia is telling micah what to do, micah will turn to her and say, "your not the boss!"