Wednesday, July 14, 2010

snakes are not your friends

really hot today. picked up micah from school and we made smoothies together. then we sat down to watch diego together. it was about diego helping an anaconda. to micah, it's just a snake. great, just the other day i was telling the kids that they shouldn't go too far out in the backyard because of snakes. we've had snakes in the past because there's a canyon nearby. thankfully we haven't come across any for 7 or 8 years, but you just never know, and they like to come out in the heat. well, i couldn't change the channel because he would have a fit. so i started telling him that only diego can touch the snake, and just on the tv. micah turns to me and says,"no ma-mom, the snakes are my fwens." "NO," i said,"they will bite you and give you owies." he didn't buy it, he said that they were nice. so i just told him if he ever saw a snake he needs to run and get an adult right away. at least he agreed to that. now i have to go and buy some snake repellent for the backyard. thanks diego.

btw, why is dora's head way bigger than diego's?