Tuesday, July 27, 2010

prayer request

i've been a bit physically and mentally off this month due to some unnecessary added stress. don't get me wrong, we've still had a lot of fun this month with the parties and visitors. it's the other things like bills, work, etc. sometimes i have to force myself to take a step back and tell myself that things could be worse. and playing with the kids is a good reminder that the stress is temporary, and that it's usually worth it in the end. their laughter is such a good remedy.

this morning i had a conversation with a co-worker that made my worries seem so minuscule. i learned that my other co-worker recently found out her 4 year old son has multiple tumors in his stomach. my heart sank and i immediately felt the need to hug my children. i've been praying for him since then. life is so precious. kids are such a great gift from God. why was i even worrying about the other things? only God knows what's best for him. but if you're reading this, please pray for little raoul and his family, for strength. thank you.

*update 7.30.10* after many tests, it was determined that raoul is suffering from stage 3 burkitt's lymphoma and just started chemo. the doctors have told the family that many children do well on the treatment.