Thursday, July 22, 2010

malia the 2nd grader

malia started 2nd grade yesterday. her new teacher is ms. neilson. roel already warned her that malia has a lot of energy. i think he forgot to mention how emotional she is. malia expends so much energy at one given time that she doesn't realize she's wearing herself out. so in the afternoon, i guess she was extremely tired, she started crying for daddy. of course, she bounced back after a minute or two and was her usual self. other than that, the first day was fine.

i already knew she was dead tired the minute she walked in the door. she was also hungry since she ate her lunch at snack time, which left only her snack for lunch time. ay malia joy! so she was trying to eat everything in site when she got home.

hopefully she is getting back into the routine and today is better.

*roel sent me this picture. can you tell that he brings her in the morning? her collar is tucked in, she's dragging her sweater, hair in her face, etc. too funny! but i am so thankful he does that, it's hard to get the kids going in the morning and getting to school on time.