Friday, July 30, 2010

in the buff

why do kids think it's so hilarious to be naked? if i tell malia to go into the bathroom and take off her clothes because she is going to shower, she is running around naked in the rooms before i can even get to the bathroom with her pjs. then micah thinks it's funny and somehow it turns into 'naked time' and his clothes are off. then he's chasing her around saying he's going to pee on her. that's when i step in and say, "that's enough, get your little butt in the shower."

and last week i was baking at my sister's house. her 1 year old, joelle, who was fully clothed the last time i looked at her, walked by and she was naked with a big grin on her face. then she started dancing. it was funny to me because it wasn't my kid.

i know that kids are still curious and getting comfortable in their bodies. but i don't know about this 'naked time', i don't let it last for very long when it happens. and at least they don't run around and giggle every time they are naked.